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            Knowledge Base Academy Operations FAQ

            I cannot login / I cannot reset my password

            There are a few reasons you may have trouble accessing our systems

            There are two systems with separate logins

            We do not have login integration between our main website ( and our learning management system ( / If you are trying to reset your password and are unable to, please ensure that you are doing this on the correct system.

            1. Main website
            2. Online purchases of books
            3. Online purchases of courses before April 2019
            1. Learning management system
            2. Register for courses
            3. Take courses
            4. Take tests
            5. Book tests
            6. Book in-person and live-online courses
            7. Purchase courses
            In the long term there is a plan to integrate the two systems.

            Updated: 04 Jun 2019 04:40 AM
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