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            2015-06-05: Mobile App Splash Page Announcements

            Being promoted this June 5th! 

            FOR:  Owners and Staff

            Got a special event coming up?  Want to make sure everyone is aware of any upcoming changes in operations or procedures?

            The mobile app splash page will put your announcement in front of your members and keep it in front of your members until you take it down.

            To set an announcement, click on the new chat bubble next to our yellow man's head (see first image below).   Then simply type in whatever announcement you wish to make (see second image) and, upon saving, that message will be the first thing your athletes see each time they log in to the mobile app.  To remove the announcement, simply delete the text and click Save again.

            Note that your standard text controls apply for bolding, italicizing, etc.  For more advanced CSS or HTML considerations, click the SOURCE button to apply as needed.
            Updated: 28 Apr 2017 02:54 AM
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