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            August & September 2015 Upgrades

            Throughout August and September, we will be releasing a series of upgrades targeted at (1) improving the relationship between the coach and the athlete and (2) making workout design and management easier and more effective.  These include:

            FOR:  Owners and Staff
            • More information presented on the roll-call for any athletes that need special attention.  Coaches are alerted to this information so that they do not miss opportunities to do a better job of training, build stronger relations and even reduce liability risk.
            • The Full Enterprise Contact View has been replaced with a scaled-down, very-easy-to-navigate Athlete Profile View.
            • Performance Tracking for both Movements and Workouts/WODs is accessible from each athlete's Profile.
            • Complete revamp of the WOD builder to support better library control, breakout of Coach's Comments, Warm-Up, Skills/Strength and WOD.
            • Support for both a Skills/Strength score and a WOD score.
            • Multiple upgrades to the Big Screen display system.
            FOR:  Athletes
            • Performance Tracking for both Movements and Workouts/WODs is now synchronized with Scheduled workouts (although athletes can still track independently).
            • PR's are now tracked for All Time, Last 12 Months and Last 3 Months.
            Updated: 28 Apr 2017 02:48 AM
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