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            How do I add or remove myself to a class (RSVP)?

            Want to reserve your spot in the 6pm class tonight? Or the 7am class tomorrow morning?

            To schedule yourself (aka "RSVP") for a particular class in your mobile app:
            1. From the Home page in the mobile app, tap the Schedule icon.  This will put you on the middle screen in the example below.  The schedule for the current day will float to the top of the screen (swipe down to see any future dates that your gym might have already scheduled).  If you do not see the class times, tap the clock (at the left of each date) to show/hide the class times.
            2. Tap the RSVP to the right of whichever class time you are planning on attending.  Notice that any classes which have already occurred or are already full will not display an RSVP option.
            3. That's all it takes!  Your spot is now reserved in the class selected.  Notice that the clock to the left of the date has changed to the time your are scheduled to attend (screen on the right, below).
            4. To cancel your RSVP, just tap the RSVP again.
            Be aware that your gym can set cutoff times for RSVPing for a class.  Make certain you know from your coach what the cutoff window is for reserving your spot in a class.   For example, it may be that no RSVP's are allowed at your gym within 30 minutes of the class start time.  In that case, the RSVP option to the right of the class time below would disappear 30 minutes before that time.
            Updated: 28 Apr 2017 02:51 AM
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