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            How do I see who else will be attending a class?

            To see other attendees for an upcoming class:
            1. From the Home page in the mobile app, tap the Schedule icon.  This will put you on the middle screen in the image below.
            2. Scroll to the date you are interested in.  Note that the current date will always show up as the lighter date between the darker (in the past) and mid-tone (in the future) dates.  Note that future dates may describe the workout as TBA ("To Be Announced").  This is at the discretion of the particular gym.  Note also that only the present and past dates have a score section and an information (leaderboard) icon.
            3. If the class times are not already displaying, tap the clock icon (it might show as a time if you have already RSVPed for the day) to show/hide the class times.  
            4. To see who is planning on attending a particular class time, tap the greater-than symbol ">"  (circled in red)  to the far right of that time.  This will take you to the screen on the right in the image below.  The coach is always listed first followed by attendees.

            Updated: 28 Apr 2017 02:54 AM
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