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            How do I view my Revenue?

            All revenue reporting is handled through a single, powerful, easy-to-read report, the Revenue report, that allows you to drill down to individual transactions, and from there to the associated athlete's account/profile.

            Here are just a view of the powerful functions your Revenue report in gives you:
            • Summary bar chart of day-by-day revenue for the current month and each of the previous two months (see below).
            • Month-by-month revenue bar chart for the entire history of your business.
            • Drill-down on any bar to the individual orders and transactions that comprise that bar's totals.
            • Click on any transaction to get full detail on that transaction.
            • Committed revenue and predictive (straight-line and weighted) revenue projections for the remainder of the current month.
            • Breakdown of revenue reporting by categories of products and services or individual products and services.
            • Summary or by-location reporting across multiple locations (if you are running multiple boxes)
            Updated: 28 Apr 2017 02:57 AM
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