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            AdvancePro V11.8 Release Notes

            • With Advanced Units of Measure, you can now track the conditions of your products. for both serialized and non-serialized products, you can now label your SKUs as new, in repair and more, and automatically adjust your pricing based on that variable. In addition, a new parent/child feature allows you to view identifiable boxes or cartons that contain serialized products.
            • All new Email Templates. Create templated emails with pre-set recipients for any email in AdvancePro. Want to make sure your warehouse manager receives a copy of every purchase order? Done.
            • You can now create direct invoices for back-ordered items. No need to pick, pack and ship!

            New Features:
            • Vendor Orders will now show the minimum order quantity for that vendor.
            • Invoice Email templates are now available separate from the customer order template.
            • Improved advanced units of measure usability in picking locations.
            • You can now email returns and credit memo documents directly from AdvancePro.
            • The PO numbers on invoices and order history when placing new customer orders are now hot-linked for quick and easy reference to past orders.
            • The warehouse for manufacturing is now auto-selected for single warehouse companies.
            • The Advanced Customer orders report can now be filtered by customer group.
            • You can now add a container number to the Pre-Arrival Notice on a customer order.
            • The shipment report is now more condensed and easier to read.
            • Vendor in-transit Freight now has default dates.
            • The Customer order can now be directly invoiced after generating a related Vendor order
            • Access Options for user roles have been updated to include some missing parts of the product screen
            • The Process Customer Order screen now allows you to set the total to be picked from the warehouse OR ordered from a vendor to 0, taking no action on that line item.
            • Automatic order imports no longer require Headers
            • Advanced units of measure can now be used to label the product Condition.
            • Serial numbers can now be more easily reviewed and edited after receiving.
            • AdvancePro can now automatically export a blank order import Excel file.
            • Users can now customize the Customer order Layout.

            Fixes and Enhancements:
            • Customer Pricing for Item kits now functions regularly
            • Order import issues have been resolved:
            • Lot/Batches now transfer successfully
            • Unprocessed work orders and vendor orders will now appear as available
            • Variant tags will sort properly
            • Variant items will now be easier to adjust using the multiple adjustment screen
            • When placing a customer order, the address will now autofill if you change the customer
            • Pick lists will print with batch/lot information now.
            • Assign Serial number quantity will never be negative
            • Smartprint Pro documents will properly align shipping and adjustment lines.
            • The View lot/serial link will function properly on a customer order
            • The Advanced customer orders report will now show the reference number column correctly.
            • The reminders icon will now behave properly in My Workspace.
            • Custom Fields for Variants will show on View All Products.
            • Warehouse will not show a 0 quantity for the second line of a product.
            • The Warehouse name will show on a pick slip when Serials are assigned and the ‘with Serial #’ checkbox is active.
            • Sales Report by product will respond properly when changing the date range.
            • Blank lines in the VPO will no longer result in a partially received order
            • The Update Quantity field will be shown/hidden properly when navigating between ALL warehouses and specific warehouses.
            • Batches will print on Pick/Pack/Ship Slips
            • Inactive items will be hidden on the net movement report.
            • The Net Movement reports will no longer show -1 stock when the inventory is 0.
            • Lot/serial reports will be less likely to throw an error
            • Credit Memos will now update the sales rep report.
            • Batches will get assigned back after a cancelled work order.
            • Multiple adjustments with serial numbered items will no longer throw an ‘index was outside of the array’ error.
            • The customer return can now be modified after being sent to warehouse.
            • Order import schemas no longer reset.
            • Work orders will no longer require the warehouse to be set if there is only one warehouse.
            • Picking locations will be available for Direct invoice orders.
            • Variant cost and selling price will now be updated in View all Products.

            Updated: 06 Mar 2018 04:55 AM
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