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            AdvancePro Version 11 Release Notes

            AdvancePro Version 11 Release Notes

                 A. Highlights
                 B. Bug Fixes
                 C. Enhancement & New Features

            A. Highlights

            • AdvancePro Version 11 sports a new look! Navigation will remain similar to previous versions.
            • We have added support for our Batch Functionality - this new feature focuses on managing and tracking product that isn’t always tracked in whole numbers.
            • Transfer Orders now have statuses for tracking the entire Transfer Workflow.
            • Automated Order imports now support multiple schemas and sources.
            • Drop Shipping functionality now supports partial drop shipments
            • Vendor orders can now have an approval process and users can be limited by dollar amounts
            • QuickBooks syncing now has new manufacturing sync capabilities
            • Web Services URLs now match SKU’s by product.
            • Our AP Mobile App is now available in the Apple App Store and Google Play Store - AdvancePro is fully integrated with the app - connect with your account representative to start implementing AP Mobile today
            • AdvancePro now features an E-commerce API, Creating automated integrations with E-commerce solutions is now even easier. 

            B. Bug Fixes

            • Resolved: Manufacturing Work Orders will now export  to Quickbooks better (Issue 282)
            • Resolved: Customer jobs will import from Quickbooks better (Issue 709)
            • Resolved: The ETA field on the Vendor orders report is fixed (issue 765)
            • Resolved: Viewing related vendor orders from the line item on a Customer orders will no longer show Cancelled orders..(issue 800)
            • Resolved : The VPO adjustment history of products no longer associated with that vendor will show.(issue 816)
            • Resolved: Pick/Pack/Ship slips will now be sub-sorted by SKU (issue 821)
            • Resolved: Users can now set the appearance order for variant types (issue 824)
            • Resolved: Sales Rep activities will now export to QuickBooks better (Issue 825)
            • Resolved: Customer order imports will no longer change the ‘original selling price field (issue 826)
            • Resolved: Pricing order imports will be more reliable (issue 834)
            • Resolved: Automated order imports will no longer have difficulties with identical filenames (Issue 851)
            • Resolved: When exporting invoices with promo codes to QuickBooks, you will no longer receive an error (issue 325)
            • Resolved: Changing the fixed MC cost will update the pricing (issue 385)
            • Resolved: Quickbooks Auto Export has improved function (issue 647)
            • Resolved: Variants with UPC codes will be easier to order/receive (issue 729)
            • Resolved: Assembly Products will now export to Quickbooks better (issue 766)
            • Resolved:  Customers can now appear on Sales Rep Portal when they are also enabled for B2B (issue 823)
            • Resolved: The Recalculate Pricing button on Assembly Products has improved functionality (issue 830)
            • Resolved:  Work orders that have been picked in the warehouse will now show under the item history in View All Products (issue 841)
            • Resolved: Web Services Orders will print order notes by Default (Issue 843)
            • Resolved: Importing a lot/serial with an expiry date will now receive the correct date in AdvancePro (issue 537)
            • Resolved: Fixed Multi Currency costs will now import successfully during a product import (issue 553)
            • Resolved: Deleting line items from a unsaved Customer order with multi currency will now function normally (issue 582)
            • Resolved: Vendor breakdowns will now be taken into account when returning product to a vendor (issue 724)
            • Resolved: customer reserved inventory will now clear for items that are ordered on kits (issue 750)
            • Resolved customer pricing discount/markup will now update after a product cost/selling price import.(issue 761)
            • Resolved: Total order Quantity on warehouse orders with backorders will now update correctly (issue 803)
            • Resolved: There will no longer be an empty space when there is no company logo assigned for the customer invoice or sales order (issue 126)
            • Resolved: Items with Advanced Units of Measure (UOM) created on vendors will only be available for the specified vendor and these will not be available for other vendors when the user creates a VPO.(issue 212)
            • Resolved: Updates to sub-assembly costs will now affect the cost of a parent assembly (issue 400)
            • Resolved: Exchange rate requests will now have better functionality for multiple currency users (issue 442)
            • Resolved: Custom fields will now show on customer/vendor excel exports(issue 474
            • Resolved: Labels in the Invoice printing layout will now be more accurate (issue 485)
            • Resolved: There will no longer be an error when batch emailing invoices from AdvancePro (issue 554)
            • Resolved: New work order windows will close properly (issue 609)
            • Resolved: Batch printing Pick/Pack/Ship slips with Variants will not cause duplicates (issue 613) 
            • Resolved: Group taxes will no longer turn into regular tax on credits (issue 640) 
            • Resolved: Variant names will now display properly in the variant manager (issue 694)
            • Resolved: Products have been a component in an assembly item can now be deleted if the assembly has never been built.(issue 696)
            • Resolved: Order import will no longer assign incorrect carriers to a customer order (issue 700)
            • Resolved: Weight should be transferred to UPS/Fedex correctly (issue 719)
            • Resolved: Product details will display better on vendor orders(issue 722)
            • Resolved: It is no longer possible to have multiple primary billing addresses for a single customer (issue 739)
            • Resolved: the list of all customer orders will now display better (issue 740)
            • Resolved: Advanced units of measure will no longer experience issues getting stuck after a vendor is unassigned (issue 743)
            • Resolved: During an assembly import, the vendor for the item will import correctly (issue 749)
            • Resolved: Back ordered line items will no longer add to the weight calculation on a shipment (issue 752)
            • Resolved: customer pricing will apply correctly when the customer is added to a group with predefined pricing (issue 753)
            • Resolved: Users associated with a sales rep will now no longer experience an issue when the rep is marked as inactive (issue 755)
            • Resolved: Variant lists will show in alphabetical order after generating variants for a product (issue 756)
            • Resolved: the invoice report will now have improved functionality (issue 757)
            • Resolved: the exchange rate button will no longer change when placing a customer order(issue 762)
            • Resolved: adding a SKU during a vendor purchase order will now add the unit of measure marked for default purchasing from that vendor.(issue 767)
            • Resolved: warehouse transfers history will now display properly (issue 768)
            • Resolved: Product imports with a vendor column will no longer reset all fields (issue 769)
            • Resolved: when receiving a Vendor order with a buy-as unit, there will not be a preset quantity for the receive-as quantity (issue 770)
            • Resolved: partially filled customer orders will no longer show incorrect stock for split-row stock (issue 776)
            • Resolved: VPO product ETA dates will now be editable after the VPO is placed (issue 790)
            • Resolved: Vendors can now be removed from products (issue 798)
            • Resolved: when splitting a line during the processing of a customer order, the weight of the first row will no longer stick as the total weight (issue 801)
            • Resolved: the Utilities screen will now display the correct year (issue 804)
            • Resolved: when splitting a line on a customer order (processing stage) the stock will no longer display as 0 (issue 805)
            • Resolved: Assembly item product descriptions will now function correctly (issue 807)
            • Resolved: when placing a customer order with a customer default warehouse, the stock level will now show correctly (issue 817)
            • Resolved: Audit price changes will now affect both regular open vendor orders and drop shipped vendor orders (issue 857)
            • Resolved: scanning items on a customer pick slip will now function correctly (issue 759)
            • Resolved: the menu bar will no longer move around the background image (web services)(issue 838w)
            • Resolved: commission reports will now function properly on Sales Rep Portal (issue 839w)
            • Resolved: whitespaces will no longer appear below the top banner  on web services (issue 840w)

            C. Enhancements & New Features

            • Product imports can now include QuickBooks sub Item information.(E112)
            • Drop shipments can now be partially received.(C27)
            • The closest matches are auto-suggested when entering text into fields with drop-down lists(E184)
            • Customer company names can now be 41 characters long (from 31) (E170)
            • QuickBooks exports of product quantity data have been improved (E168)
            • Tracking numbers are now exported to QuickBooks (C157)
            • Vendor purchase orders will ask you to email them at the time of processing (153)
            • Transfer orders can now be marked as ‘in transit’ (C152)
            • Custom Assembly export to QuickBooks is now supports (E151)
            • Webservices URL will now reflect the SKU (C149)
            • The QuickBooks Summary screen will now provide more information about Work orders, Bills, invoices, Assembly items, and RMA’s (E169).
            • Users can now be given a limit on the size of a VPO they can place(C148).
            • Customer credit memos will now cite the original Customer order and shipping address (C93)
            • Multiple auto-order import schemas can now be set up (C150)
            • There is now a report that breaks down shipments by customer (C95)
            • Products can be reserved prior to processing an order and creating a pick ticket (C51)
            • Variant types now have ordering functionality (e144)
            • Product imports now support a Unit measurement setting (e94)
            • BOM details in an assembly item will now have a SKU column (E555)
            • Setting to enforce sorting of pick/pack/ship slips when batch printing (C113) 
            Updated: 20 Sep 2016 04:56 AM
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