Embedding a single line of code

Embedding a single line of code

Allyable provide each customer with a secured single line of code to embed in their website.

When the script is embedded in the website correctly, the accessibility virtual layer is applied on each visited page, scan for accessibility violations and manipulate it to create a fix for it.

Why to embed a script?

When the script is embedded internally the plugin monitors the behavior of end-users. by doing so it is able to identify static and dynamic content on the fly, and to cover more content of each scenarios of the end-user.


When the script is embedded in your website and end-users are visiting a page the script executes and call the accessibility servers for authentication.

The domain URL is being verified and only when authenticated the accessibility is downloaded and the virtual layer is applied.

Where to embed the script?

  • Embed in a master page - allows all pages to inherit the script and apply the accessibility layer.

  • Embed in the <HEAD> tag - allows the accessibility to start downloading right at the beginning with no need to wait for the website to load

  • Add an “async” attribute - By adding the “async” attribute to the script we instruct it to work asynchronously without interfering the website loading.

  • Using an “https” call - always use https on calls to the accessibility servers