About Us

   is a "code less" platform for application development.  Pre-developed applications are available from templates.

            Our philosophy is to use to the the maximum coding by configuration.  There are situations where we need to go beyond and in this case we use custom stored procedures and custom javascript.  If we need to go further and change the UI more drastically, we write a configurable plugin under the same philosophy as we created our current grid-centric UI.

            Useful features such as integration with QuickBooks are not codeless but we provide them to add value.

            The platform is free to use in many cases.  When developer time is required, there is generally going to be a fee.

   is currently the work of a single developer.  The benefit to this is you can contact the developer directly and even possibly get work done for free or low cost.
            Updated: 09 Jul 2018 12:07 PM
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