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Q Media - Q. How do I use a universal remote control with a Q Media soundbar/soundbase?


We envisaged the remote control packaged with our soundbars/soundbase would be used infrequently in favour of the TV's. There are other options available, universal remotes being one. 

Where a universal remote control manufacturer does not specifically list Q Acoustics products, we have found that using Philips RC5 codes, and AV Receiver as the device, you are then given a number of possible options and just have to work through them until the remote controls the volume on the soundbar. It normally works on option 7.

Universal remote control manufacturer One For All uses codes under Misc. for the Q Acoustics M4, M3 and M2, the actual code being 3599. Please be aware that you may need to use the One For All smartphone app to upload the functions into the remote.