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            QTV, QTV2 and QTV2x - IR remote commands and universal remote controls.

            Q Acoustics QTV, QTV2 and QTV2x remote controls use a standard Phillips RC5 command set, these command sets are commonly found on what are known as a 'Universal Remote Control', they termed universal as they carry the IR codes banks for most well known manufactures and models of equipment.  Should your QTV, QTV2 or QTV2x remote control fail, become lost or you just want to integrate the controls onto a single remote, you'll need to select the following during the specific remotes set up

            Manufacturer = Phillips
            Device Type = Satellite or SAT (or 22)

            The actual commands are

            Mute = 13
            Volume Up = 16
            Volume Down = 17

            The historical part code for a spare QTV remote is QA7017
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