[2.0] Duplicating A Funnel

[2.0] Duplicating A Funnel

bucket.io has the ability to clone or duplicate funnels created. Please follow the steps below to accomplish this:

  1. Click the Funnels button at the top banner
  2. Click the Options button located at the right-hand side of the quiz (three horizontal dots), next to the Analytics button. This action will display some quiz options.
  3. Click the Duplicate option
  4. bucket.io will display a “duplicating funnel...” message
  5. Once duplicated, it will add the text “Copy of “ to the name of the new funnel followed by the name of the original quiz.

Note: The duplication time may vary, and it depends on how complex the original funnel is since all the configurations are duplicated as well. If the original funnel has an Integration setup, this integration will be duplicated as well, however, it will be turned off. Therefore, if the integration is needed it is highly recommended to access the integration, make sure to turn on the integration and click Save Changes.

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