[2.0] Adding Fields to the Lead Capture Page

[2.0] Adding Fields to the Lead Capture Page

There are five types of fields you can add to your Lead Capture page:

  1. First Name: recommended to only require first name or full name. Can only be used once on a Lead Capture Page.
  2. Last Name: used mainly to record a surname. Can only be used once on a Lead Capture Page.
  3. Email: intended to gather and record email addresses. Can only be used once on a Lead Capture Page.
  4. Phone: numeric type of field used to record numbers. Can only be used once on a Lead Capture Page.
  5. Custom Field: multi-purpose field that can be used multiple times on a Lead Capture Page. For example, to gather their LinkedIn profile link, website link, instructions/restriction for the date and time to be reached, etc.

STEP # 1: Add a Form Input

  1. From the Components menu, locate the Form Inputs menu 

  1. Drag and Drop a Short Input element into the Lead Capture form

  1. The New Form Input will appear with a list of available fields, select the desired one
  2. Set the input’s properties by giving a name to the field (visible only to you) and a placeholder (visible to your audience). You can also make the field required by using the checkbox below the placeholder section.
  3. Then click Confirm

STEP # 2: Field Properties 

  1. If you need to adjust the height or any other aspect of your fields, switch to the properties menu

  1. Recommendation: use the “px” (pixels) option when managing the height 

  1. Make your way down through the menu to adjust any other aspect such as font size, type, color, etc, or even backgrounds.

Still have questions? Feel free to reach out via support@bucket.io

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