Basics of Custom Field

Basics of Custom Field

Custom Field

This feature will allow to add additional field to collect information from subscribers. in some ESPs Custom Fields will help to trigger automations.

Custom Field Sep Up ( Direct Integration)

Custom Fields can be added to a question in Direct Integrations only. In order to add the Custom Field, first it needs to be created in the ESP, so it can be found in the Integration set up interface.

Follow the steps below to add a Custom Field to a question:
  1. Open the Direct Integration.
  2. Under Custom Fields Mapping, click on Add Mapping.
  3. Select the Question, which will provide the information needed.
  4. The select the Custom Field in the dropdown located in front of the question.
  5. The under the Custom Field write the text that will fill the Custom Field once the contact is created in the ESP.
  6. Save Charges when the integration set up is finished.

After a contact is created, the Custom Field should look like this:

Note: the image above is how it should look in Active Campaign, and it was taken as example.
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