[2.0] Canvas

[2.0] Canvas

The Canvas is where the flow of the funnel is built. It is displayed when you click Create a New Funnel on the Dashboard and the top menu, or the Edit button on the Your Funnels page. Here’s a detailed overview of the Canvas and it’s features.


The various components that serve as building blocks for your pages and funnels are available on the left of the Canvas. To use the components, drag-and-drop them on to the Canvas, then arrange and configure accordingly.

*We highly recommend adding all components and setting up the framework of your funnel flow, prior to editing the design elements or details of each section in the Builder section.

All component types are shown by default. You can hide the component type by clicking the Hide button to the left. The screenshot below shows how the Components list looks like when all component types are hidden.

In the event that your funnel does not fit on the Canvas for some reason, you can hide the Components list by clicking the left-facing arrow on the top-left. 

Pre-Quiz: Used in a landing page, this component offers different ways to freely organize page  layouts. You can add links, videos, images, and text to it, and it includes everything else needed to create a high-performing landing page.


Quiz Questions: These are classified into four (4) different types - Radial Questions (multiple choice where the participant selects a single option), Check Questions (multiple choice where participants can select multiple options), Short Input (open-ended for a short response), Long Input (open-ended for a long response), and they can be arranged in different ways to create paths. 

Quiz Results: This is an internal page used by bucket.io to calculate and map results to their respective buckets. This page never gets shown to the audience - only the person building the funnel can view it. *Think of this as the fork in the road on the funnel journey, where participants will start to split off to land in their respective buckets, based on how they answer certain questions.

Post-Quiz: Used at the end of the funnel, there are four components of this type: Lead Capture and Webinar allows collecting of emails, names, and other information from participants, Post-Quiz Page is basically an in-app results/outcome page, and External URL takes participants to a particular page on another website, after completing the quiz.

Upper Right Hand Corner

On the upper-right corner of the Canvas are a couple of buttons that allow you to preview and publish the funnel. There is also a box containing the funnel link and a button that allows the link to be copied for sharing with your audience.

Changes Saved

Bucket.io automatically saves your changes every 2 seconds while you are creating and editing them. This information is displayed each time bucket.io saves a funnel.


Click this button to preview the funnel in a separate browser window or tab. Run the funnel through each component and question here prior to publishing. *Please note that this preview link can be freely shared with others for feedback, and that results entered in preview mode are not stored in bucket analytics. 


Once you are satisfied with all elements of the funnel, click this button to publish it. 

Funnel Link

Once a funnel is published, it’s URL appears here. Click the button to the right to copy the link. You can then share the link with your audience via an email campaign, a post on social media, etc.


Warnings appear when you drag components onto the Canvas. The number of warnings correspond to the number of unconnected dots on each component in a funnel. The flow of the funnel is not automatic based on the order of the components on the Canvas. You are required to connect / map each item to the next, to create the desired paths / flow for your participant.

Connect the components to remove the warnings. To connect components, click the dot / small red tab on the side of one component and drag it to the dot / small red tab on the side of the next component in your sequence / flow.

On the bottom-right of the Canvas, there are buttons that allow you to zoom the Canvas in and out.

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