[2.0] Change Pre-Quiz Page Background

[2.0] Change Pre-Quiz Page Background

STEP # 1

From the Canvas, click the Pre-Quiz Page to edit it. Make sure you click the one on the Canvas page and not the one under the Components menu.

Click Builder - this action will automatically open the Builder menu with three sections:


STEP # 2

Click Properties, and scroll down to find the Background Image section. Another route is by clicking the arrow next to each section to collapse them until you get to the Background Image section.

STEP # 3

At first, the background section only presents an empty field, but you’ll need to click the actual background image/section in the preview of the funnel that is presented, this should highlight its borders and the background field from the Properties section will automatically populate the small square with the background in it.



STEP # 4

  • Click the X symbol next to the background icon to remove the existing image.

  • Click the plus (+) sign to enable the background menu

  • Click the Images button to choose from your bank of images within the app, or upload one from your computer

  • Click Confirm and changes will automatically apply

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