Definitions of Terms

Definitions of Terms

Discovery Survey: Used to identify your buckets, identify natural language patterns, and gather feedback from your market Segmentation. Create fully-customized, multi-question segmentation quizzes, surveys, assessments, and segmentation funnels of all types.

SMIQ: Single Most Important Question. This is used in Discovery Surveys.

Outcomes: The pages or external links your visitors are redirected to at the end of the survey or funnel. 

Lead Capture: User information collected, such as name, email, and phone number.

ESP: Email Service Provider

DDS: Deep Dive Survey 

Welcome Page: The first page your visitors will see (if you opt to use one). 

Branching Logic: Customize segmentation questions based on answers to previous questions. Create question variations (branching), the ability to converge back to a common path, and the ability to skip questions.

Multiple Outcome Mapping: Segment participants based on their combination of answers from multiple questions, when prescribing their outcome or “result”.

Short Text Question: Question that requires very short answers. 

Hyper Responses: Detailed and expansive responses to your Single Most Important Question in a Discovery Survey. 

Long Text Question: Question that creates the opportunity for a well thought out answer. Hyper responses are derived from these question types. 

Radio Button Question: A question where the user can select 1 answer out of multiple options

Check Box Question: The user can select all answers that apply

Progress Bar Percentage: A progress bar is displayed for the participants as they go through your quiz. 

Direct Integration: Email Service Providers that can be directly integrated with (Zapier not required). 

Facebook Pixel: Build custom audiences to follow-up with participants via re-targeting even if they don't provide their email address or finish your quiz. Build audiences based on quiz drop-off points as well identifying combinations of answers.

Field Logic: Pre-specified information is included in subsequent questions based on answers provided. 

Google Analytics: Robust tool to analyze data from your surveys and funnels

UTM Variable Passing: Redirect participants to a relevant external outcome page based on their answers, e.g. if the quiz was taken via Facebook the external redirect may look different than if it was taken via a newsletter. Retain participant data for future analysis and use. 

Zapier: 3rd party software used to pass all the data collected to your Email Service Provider seamlessly viaZapier API integration. Tagging and custom fields allow you to follow up with automated custom messaging.

Publish: Use a custom domain or preset domain to create a link or embed code to use in your website or ad pages. 

Custom Domain: Use your own domain for published quizzes. 

Audiences: Participant information generated by Discovery Surveys and Segmentation Funnels, as well as custom audiences. 

Word Cloud: Quickly analyze and consolidate customer responses. Understand hyper/non-hyper responses by sorting on specific keywords and size of the cloud. 


Participants: Those who begin the quiz

Completions: Those who complete the last question in the quiz. 

Opt-In Rate: Those who provide the requested contact/lead capture information
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