Editing Published Funnels and Surveys

Editing Published Funnels and Surveys

Limited Editing for Active Surveys or Funnels

Once a quiz, funnel or survey is published, Responses and other data provided by Survey or Funnel takers are ingested by Bucket.io and compiled into useful analytics data.  

If the Survey or Funnel is edited, a question may be completely changed, making the established data  meaningless. For this reason, there are imposed limitations on what can and cannot be edited after a survey or quiz has begun collecting data. 

When attempting to edit a survey you are given two options:
  1. Limited editing capabilities, which will keep the data intact.
  2. Clone the survey in order to make any changes needed.  
Here is a comparison chart of editing options:

Before publishing, please review your survey or funnel in preview mode to ensure everything is setup correctly. 
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