[2.0] Redirect Link

[2.0] Redirect Link

Bucket.io has the ability to redirect a participant who enters a funnel, and then send them to any other URL (other funnels, another website, etc). 

This option is located in the Settings section of a quiz under External Link.

In order to enable this option, follow these steps:

  1. Turn on with the toggle
  2. Add the URL where the audience will be redirected to
  3. Click on Save Changes

Note: This feature is helpful when the URL of a quiz has already been hyperlinked in an ad or displayed in a campaign, and you’re needing to make changes to it that require making a duplicate and re-publishing the whole funnel. This feature allows traffic to be redirected to any other funnel URL, website, landing page, etc., and save you the trouble of having to replace your link in every ad, etc.

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