Integrating ActiveCampaign Directly with

Integrating ActiveCampaign Directly with

ActiveCampaign is an Email Service Provider or ESP, that can be integrated directly within

1. Setup ActiveCampaign as an ESP Integration

First log in to, then click on Settings located at the top of the page. Select Integrations on the left side of the page, then drag the ActiveCampaign icon over to the Email Service Providers pane, then an integration form will appear, which will display a window with all of the necessary information to link with the ActiveCampaign account, including inputting the ActiveCampaign API key and API URL.

2. Finding the API key and API URL

Following the steps below to find the API key and API URL in the ActiveCampaign account.

1. Login to ActiveCampaign.
2. Click on the account icon located at the top right corner of the page, and select My Settings in the drop-down menu.

3. Then click on the Developer option, in the left column menu.
4. API key and API URL can be found under the API Access.

5. Copy and past API key and API URL in the ActiveCampaign Integration window back in, and click on Save.

6. The end result should be a message from saying that the integration was successfully saved.


3. Configuring ActiveCampaign in your Discovery Surveys and Segmentation Funnels

Once you’ve setup ActiveCampaign as an ESP integration, it will be available to be configured within your Discovery Surveys or Segmentation Funnels. 

In the Configure section of your survey or funnel, select Direct Integrations on the left. 

If you’ve successfully integrated ActiveCampaign, it will be available to manage as shown below. 

Click on Integrate to begin managing ActiveCampaign.

Now you will be able to configure what information will be sent to ActiveCampaign from