Optimizing a Segmentation Funnel for Conversions

Optimizing a Segmentation Funnel for Conversions

In the following webinar video, the pertinent steps are shown. 

Following are the main points presented during the webinar:
A. Welcome Page

  • Use multimedia such as an image or video
  • Have great copy with a call to action

B. Questions

  • Useful segmentation occurs because of properly crafted bucket questions
  • Determine what you will sell based on product questions
  • Help get the answering flow started with “Grease the Wheel” questions, which require simple one-word answers. 
  • Input tags and integrate with Zapier

C. Lead Capture

  • Obtain contact information
  • Make it aesthetically appealing

D. Outcomes

  • These are what will be presented to the audience based on the answers to your questions in the funnel
  • Map the questions accordingly 
  • Customize the outcomes based on the answers provided
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