[2.0] Quiz Results Builder

[2.0] Quiz Results Builder

The Quiz Result page is the component used to control the different Buckets or Outcomes based on the answers provided in a funnel, and is not a section that is seen by the participant - it is completely on the backend of the quiz. Currently this component does not have a Builder section since it is not a visible page during the live funnel and its main purpose is on the backend of a funnel. However, this component can be fully edited from the Canvas section. 

Normally, this is the first component added in a funnel, on the left-hand it will have connected the Pre-quiz page and Questions, and on the right-hand side it will connect with the Lead Capture, Thank You pages, External URL components, etc. *Please note that the Quiz result component is already added in all of the templates available.

Adding Quiz Result Component

On the Canvas section, drag and drop the Quiz Results component.

Editing the Quiz Result Component

Add bucket: Click on the Add New Bucket orange button to add a new bucket

Change name: Hover over the name of the bucket , and click the pencil icon to edit

Duplicate bucket: The Duplicate button will be located at the bottom of each bucket - click the duplicate icon to duplicate or clone a bucket

Delete bucket: Click the trash can icon to delete or remove a bucket

Delete all buckets: The option to remove all buckets at the same time is available at the bottom of the Quiz Result component

Selecting Mapping or Scoring

We recommend reviewing the following KB article about the difference between mapping and scoring: Difference Between Mapping And Scoring


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