[2.0] Quiz Results Emails - *Feature

[2.0] Quiz Results Emails - *Feature

This feature is handy when wanting to only deliver quiz results to your audience without having to use an ESP (Email Service provider). Please note that bucket.io does not have email capabilities yet, so if people reply to one of the Results Emails, it won’t deliver that response back to you. If this is what you need, we suggest using an email service provider instead. We have some direct integrations at the integrations menu that can do this job easily and smoothly.

Before we begin

This feature is not available to all accounts - it is enabled based on the type of account/plan. If you have questions on how to enable it, feel free to contact support@bucket.io

STEP # 1: Activate the feature

  1. Locate the funnel that you wish to activate this for and click Edit (the Edit button is located at the right-hand side of each funnel, represented by a green button with a pen symbol).
  2. Click Settings, which will consequently display the settings menu of your Funnel 
  3. Click Quiz Results Emails, which will display all of the available apps to integrate with
  4. Toggle on the feature at the top-right corner

*Please Note: The automatic save function does not apply to this page, so you are required to click the Save Changes button to make sure the setup is saved.

STEP # 2: Setup the results email

  1. Sender Name: Add a name for the "Author", "Creator" or "Writer", in other words, your name or the name of your business/program/product
  2. Sender Address: Since bucket.io does not have email capabilities yet, it creates a dummy email address by asking you for the sender address and the system automatically adds a domain, for example, if the sender name is “theveganhouse” it will result in “theveganhouse@quiznotifications.com
  3. Create Quiz Results Emails: Use this option to create a list of automated Quiz Results Emails. You can create one email for each bucket or just a single message for all of them.
  1. From the “Bucket Condition” drop-down menu select the respective bucket or result
  2. Scroll down and write the body of your email
  3. Don’t forget to click Save Changes

If you need to create more emails, simply scroll down and click the “Create a new email” button

Still have questions? Feel free to reach out via support@bucket.io

Mon thru Fri, from 8:00 to 17:00

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