[2.0] Single Page Builder

[2.0] Single Page Builder

This section was created to help bucket.io users create external pages such as, but not limited to Privacy Policy, About Us, Terms & Conditions, etc. Once built, Single Pages should provide a URL independent from the funnel's URL. 

This Single Page URL should be used on hyperlinks in your footer, etc. (Privacy Policy, About Us, Terms & Conditions) and CTA buttons.

Before getting started:

  1. We provide Layout templates to get started building the page
  2. Creating from scratch is not available yet
  3. For the URL, there are bucket domains and custom domains available

URL components

Published single pages should provide URLs with the following variables:

Creating Single Page links

  1. Click on Single Page - BETA, located at the top menu bar
  2. It will display two sections, My Singles Pages and Single Page Layouts, click “edit” to pick from available Layouts, and customize them as desired
  3. This action would redirect to the Builder, where users can add more components (text, images, videos, etc.) and edit the layout text as desired
  4. Once the design part is completed and if you are ready to take the page live, click Publish located at the top-right corner of the page
  5. A pop-up should appear, asking to select a domain from the drop-down menu
  6. Next you’ll see that the chosen domain is followed by the letters SP which stands for Single Pages and an ID (for the page) that will be randomly added by the software
  7. The system would also ask to add a customize variable (placeholder would say “add text here”) which can be a letter, numbers, or a combination of both
  8. Click Publish Single Page 
  9. Copy the URL to save it and click Close

Using the link or URL in the footer section

  1. Click to select the desired section such as “Terms and Conditions”, “Privacy Policy”, etc.
  2. Access the Properties page identified with the Tools icon and click change URL

  1. A pop-up should appear, click Web Address and add the URL saved during the setup process of the Single Page

  1. Click done and repeat the steps if there are more hyperlinks to be edited

Using the Link or URL on CTA buttons

  1. Click to select the desired button
  2. Click Properties
  3. Click Change URL

  1. A pop-up should appear, click Web Address and add the URL saved during the setup process of the Single Page

Note: Single Page URLs can only be added to buttons in Post-Quiz Pages. Buttons from Pre-Quiz pages, though they are CTA buttons as well, are all meant to trigger quiz questions only.

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