Types of Segmentation Funnels

Types of Segmentation Funnels

Examples of Segmentation types can be found when creating a new funnel and clicking on the View Example button.

Segmentation Types

  • Full Page
  • Button
  • Entry
  • Splash
  • Exit 

Description Full Page:

"Full Page" provides a URL to share with an audience. For instance, via email, Facebook, etc.

Description Button, Entry, Splash and Entry

These types provide HTML code that can be embedded on a web page, landing page, etc.  Each requires an action from an audience to trigger the survey.


A click on a specific button places somewhere on your website, see example here.


This funnel is activated 5 seconds after someone enters the website, see example here.


This funnel is activated as soon as someone enters the website, see example here.


This funnel is activated when someone attempts to exit the website, see example here.

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