Use Facebook Pixel to Segment an Audience

Use Facebook Pixel to Segment an Audience

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The first step in using and understanding Facebook Pixel is to place your Facebook Pixel code in your survey. This process is outlined in a separate article.

You can tell whether Facebook Pixel is associated with a Discovery Survey or Segmentation Funnel because the Facebook “f” Facebook emblem will be present.

Recommended Facebook Resource Pages:
Once Facebook Pixel has been configured properly, information derived from traffic in your survey will be sent to Facebook. This will enable you to setup relevant Facebook ads and target custom audiences.

Learn how to create custom audiences via this article:

Create a Custom Audience

Once you have generated enough traffic, you can create a custom audience in the Audiences tab in Ads Manager. 

Once you’re on the Custom Audience page, create the audience from Website Traffic. This way you will be pulling data directly from your survey that is integrated with Facebook Pixel. 

Based on what you inputted in while setting up Facebook Pixel, you can choose what aspects of the visitor information you want to use to build your audience. 

Choose the relevant line item from the events configured in

Title your newly created audience accordingly. 

This is what the ensuing page will look like.

You can then go on to create an ad specifically for this audience. 

The first page of your ad campaign setup will look like this.
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