Digital membership card QR code specification

Digital membership card QR code specification

Both the Apple Wallet and Google Pay versions of the digital membership card contain a QR code that is encoded with the same information.

The following information is available on the QR code:

  • Member Number

  • First Name

  • Last Name

  • Date of Birth

  • Emergency Contact Person

  • Emergency Contact Number

  • Cycling Club

  • Membership Level

  • Membership Status

  • Membership Expiry

For the “tech-savvy” people we note the above information is delimited by the newline escape sequence “\n”. See below an example of a digital membership card and it’s raw QR code output.

The QR codes on physical membership cards produced from July 24, 2020, onwards will be in the same structure as shown below.


Raw QR code output

CA5657\nJohn\nSmith\n01 Jan 1990\nJane Smith\n0411111111\nArmidale Cycling Club\nRide Plus - Adult - Annual\nActive\n13 May 2021

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