Role Definitions & Membership Requirements

Role Definitions & Membership Requirements

Event Volunteers
Anyone who undertakes and helps at an event in a range of roles which do not require specific accreditation does not require an AusCycling membership.   Examples of such roles are: course marshall, commentator, canteen, track setup or anyone who assists their club with general activities including areas such as track maintenance, trail working bees.  

Other Roles
There are a range of other roles throughout the sport including coaches, skills instructors, commissaires and club officers and officials where some form of membership is required.

Anyone defined in any of the “Other Roles” listed below will need to hold the required AusCycling membership category to be accredited in the role.
• Club Officers:  Anyone who is a member of a club board/committee (President, Treasurer, Secretary, General Member) is required to be, at minimum, a Non-Riding Member.
• Accredited Officials: Anyone who is an AusCycling Commissaire, UCI Accredited Commissaire, Sport Director or BMX Club Official is required to be, at minimum, a Non-Riding Member
• A driver, derny rider and moto marshall must be an AusCycling Non-Racing member.  In the case of UCI events these roles must also have a UCI ID.
• Coaches & Skills Instructors – All coaches and instructors must maintain their membership to be accredited with AusCycling. A Non-Ride membership is the minimum requirement for any Community and Foundation Instructors. All Development, Advanced Coaches and Instructors and Elite Coaches must, at minimum, have a Lifestyle Membership. If you intend to ride during any of your Coaching or Instructing activities you must have a Lifestyle Membership.
•    BMX Club Official – Anyone who undertakes the AusCycling BMX Club Official course for accreditation and then takes an Official role of responsibility for the management, conduct, delivery and safety of events at the Club level is required to be, at minimum, a Non-Riding Member. This category does not exist in other disciplines and comes under Accredited Commissaires and Club Officers.

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