How to access the mask photo feature in the Bellus3D Face Maker app.

How to access the mask photo feature in the Bellus3D Face Maker app.

First, open Face Maker and tap the Gallery button at the bottom. Then tap the picture of the person that you want to create the mask photo for.


Alternatively, tap the scan button and scan your face.  When done scanning, you will see this model viewer screen. 

After you select the picture from the Gallery, you will see the model viewer screen.  In the bottom right corner is the mask photo button.  Tap that button.

Now your mask will display on the face model.

To export the mask photo, tap the mask photo button again and then tap the export button.

Once you tap the export button, you will be presented with the in-app purchase screen.  Tap the purchase button.  You will be asked to enter your Apple ID password to make the purchase through the App Store.

After your purchase completes, you will see the iOS ShareSheet.

Tap the Mail icon.  You will then be presented with a email compose window with the photo mask image attached.  Fill out the To: email address to send the image to yourself so you can later upload it to a service that will print the personalized mask.  

Please be sure to email the picture before closing the view showing your mask.  You will have to make the in-app purchase again to export the mask after you close the model viewer screen.  The mask is NOT saved in the app or on the Bellus3D cloud. 

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