Supported Jaw Model Orientation for Face Model Alignment

Supported Jaw Model Orientation for Face Model Alignment

Dental Pro for iOS and Face Cloud Dental provide automated alignment of face models to jaw models.  In order for this alignment to work correctly, the input jaw models must be oriented in one of the following coordinate axis directions for the automated alignment to work correctly.

Prior to importing, the jaw model orientations can be examined in a 3D app, like MeshLab.

Here are the visual examples of the supported orientations.

1. Y axis is Up and Z points to the front or back.

Examples: 3Shape


2. Z axis is Up and Y axis points to the back

Examples: CareStream and Itero

3. Z axis is Up and Y axis points to the front

Example: exocad



In addition, the jaw model is assumed to have minimum rotation around the Up axis (the front teeth are aligned with either Y or Z axis)


The jaws models must be rotated to match one of the supported orientations prior to importing to Dental Pro for alignment.

The jaw model translation will be automatically computed by the Dental Pro or Face Cloud Dental automated alignment so they do not need to match the origin of the coordinate system.

An example of and incorrect orientation (and where automated alignment will fail) is the following:

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