Upload aligned face model to 3Shape from within Dental Pro

Upload Aligned Face Model to 3Shape Communicate Within Dental Pro

Starting with version 2.2.0 and later, we have implemented a new feature that allows you to directly upload an aligned face model to a 3Shape case file. 

Once you have created a workspace, imported 3Shape jaw files and aligned, you will see a button labeled 3Shape next to the aligned face in the Tools view of the Workspace.  Please see the red box outline around the new 3shape button in the picture below.

Detailed Steps

  1. Go to the Gallery and tap Align
  2. In the create a workspace view, select 3Shape when adding jaw models.  The case that you select teeth from will be the case that the aligned face model gets uploaded to.
  3. Add one or two face models to the workspace.
  4. Tap next
  5. Now you have a workspace with 3Shape jaw models.
  6. Make any manual adjustments to the alignment that you require.
  7. Save your workspace
  8. Tap the 3Shape upload icon as referenced in the above screenshot.
  9. You will see a spinner that says the says:  Uploading Face Model
  10. Please note:  If you have the ability to upload two face models if you added two face models in the workspace.  But the 3Shape Dental Systems software, currently, will only use the latest face upload in the case.  For example if you upload a teeth smile face and then a normal file face, only the normal file face model with show in the 3Shape Dental System software.  

Go To Your 3Shape Dental System Software

  1. IMPORTANT:  This only works with Dental Systems Software version 2020: DS-2020
  2. Watch a video of how to do this here: https://youtu.be/xLltZ6wbcaE
  3. Tap the Refresh icon in the 3Shape communicate inbox to ensure the latest files are available.  See the highlighted Refresh icon in this screenshot

  1. Make sure the case you are working with is accepted
  2. If a case is already accepted, right click on the order and go to 3Shape Communicate and select Send and Receive as in this screenshot:

  1. In Dental Manager, you click on the case that contains the jaw files and the newly uploaded face model.  In this screenshot, the case is Bellus 3D.

  1. Click on the case (Bellus 3D in this example) and select Design from the menu

  1. When the case is opened, the face and teeth are automatically loaded and you should see the uploaded face model, as below.

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