What is the difference between current and available balance?

What is the difference between current and available balance?

The Available balance is the amount that is currently available for transactions. It can be less than the Current balance if the are pending or pre-authorized transactions that have not completed.
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    • How do I check my card balance?

      You can check your card balance by visiting the website printed on the back of your card. To login you will need to enter your 16-digit card number, your CVV which is the 3-digit number printed on the back of the card and your 4-digit unique access ...
    • How will reloadable cardholders be affected by the MetaBank to Stride Bank transition?

      For active reloadable cards in market, replacement cards will be issued and mailed to the registered cardholders based on the name and address associated with each card. In order to ensure cards are registered to the correct individual, we recommend ...
    • Why was my card declined?

      Your card may have been declined because the purchase amount was greater than the available balance on your card. Some retailers will allow you to do a split transaction where they allow you to use two separate payment methods. Merchants are unable ...
    • After Closing and Unloading a card, I didn't see the balance return immediately!

      Note that it can take from 2-5 business days for the transaction to be completed.
    • Will I receive a monthly statement?

      No. Prepaid cards do not receive a monthly statement. However, you can log in to the cardholder portal at https://mycard.berkeleypayment.com/ and view all your transactions, including your current card balance 24/7.