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            How Bigbom Eco is different from others?

            Bigbom Eco is a decentralised advertising ecosystem, with a three-legged model that will solve the general problems under large market size than ADEX, Indahash; hence this is considered as an opportunity for Bigbom Eco to grow stronger. Besides, the nature of Bigbom's business model completely different with three other models . Bigbom is not competing with ADEX and Indahash. Inversely, both ADEX AND Indahash can be potential partners with Bigbom Eco to use smart contracts and marketplace, increasing more customers.

            Bigbom Eco contains:
            Smart deal: Any advertiser, global companies that provides advertising and channel ads can use and connect easier.

            Marketplace: Connect all ads, advertising companies and channel ads that use smart contracts in the marketplace to maximize benefit to all parties in the system. The buyers can seek for new service depending on rating by Bigbom Eco. Besides, sellers easily find larger amount of potential customers based on BBO community at low cost instead of spending a lot of money on advertising to attract customers.

            Bigbom iAds, Google will help you increase sharply the effective of performance. It is true that there are not many advertising platform can hold large of the user's information as Facebook and Google, which means this extremely optimize their advertising. So Bigbom iAds does not create competition on the system but is based on platform data and advertising by the big guys. This will reduce the pressure on users, while increasing performance.

            Compared with ADEX:
            ADEX is a decentralised AdExchange system. This model connect advertisers and content publishers into a platform. This model solved the problem of other similar models like Google ADX, OpenX but based on blockchain platform with decentralised model. The potential of the model is great, but they will have certain difficulties in expanding the market later. Whether a solution is good at technology. However, in order to maintain its development. it is required to maximizing the benefits to customers. In the advertising market, the benefit of the customer is considered as the high advertising effectiveness. Advertising effectiveness is not only entirely in the technological element but also in the information and user data. The question is, if the big corporation like Google ADX, OpenX apply the blockchain technology into their platform and inherit all the user data to optimize the ad, then ADEX has to compete as well.

            Compared to Indahash:
            Indahash is a system that connects advertisers with celebrities, bloggers (influencers) whom can promote the brand awareness and the product of the advertiser to their fans. Indahash was previously known as an agency which run many similar campaigns for brands through direct connections, which is an advantage for them. However, Indahash will face difficulties in developing applications based on the blockchain platform. Clearly, Indahash's model may not be entirely decentralised because the quality evaluation of advertising will be difficult. Hence, what is a good content campaign influenced by the influencer is a question mark, how good the results are usually not measurable and can be emotionally judged from the advertiser in the model. Consequently, with the human intervention, Indahash can hardly be decentralised.

            Updated: 13 Mar 2018 08:12 PM
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