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Space Base - Differences between the TapTop version and the Original Board Game

Hello Everyone! We know there have been some concerns about Space Base recently, so we'd like to address some of rule changes/bugs that have been brought up. Specifically:

1) The TapTop version of Space Base does not allow passive players to buy cards.

2) The TapTop version of Space Base does not allow passive players to pool resources from the 'deployed' section of any card, but rather only from deployed cards themselves.

3) Dice duplicates are not giving twice the rewards.

4) Cards are being replaced by incorrect deck levels.

With the Space Base board game allowing simultaneous play, we have had to take some liberties to accommodate TapTop Space Base's turn-based model given our hardware and touch system.

Point 1: We have implemented a suggested fix of skipping the player's buying stage if they are not the active player.

Point 2: There is a design problem with taking action on this issue.  Our designers feel this would create a negative-feedback loop for starting players that would not be able to achieve any rewards during their stage whatsoever - which is a side effect of our stage-based design.   The trade offs are a potential improvement in game balance, but an obvious worsening of the same feedback loops. We intend on continuing to allow passive players to gather rewards from both stationed cards and deployed cards.

There may have been some confusion between stationed and deployed cards on their representation in the game. The starting cards are not deployed at the beginning, only stationed cards. Cards can be deployed by buying a card, which will replace that card and then store the values of the replaced card. Deployed cards (rewards-only values) are visualized in the top right corner of the active player by clicking on one of the Command Cards.

Point 3: This issue has been fixed, since a player is supposed to get twice the amount of rewards from one card when duplicate dice occur.

Point 4: Based on the images, it was shown that level two cards were being replaced by level one cards (which had a credit cost of 4) which we are currently looking into.

We hope that you enjoy the game, thank you for discovering these and talking to us about them.  These changes will be coming out in a revision soon!

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