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            Connect DJI Drone to Botlink


            Set up Device

            Mount Tablet onto DJI Remote Controller and open Botlink Capture. 
            Note: Device Screen must be on when connecting to DJI drone.

            Power On System

            Power on drone first by using the power button on the battery. Click once to check the battery level, click again and hold to turn the drone on. 
            Note: Be sure to remove any gimbal protectors first to avoid damaging gimbal motors.

            Power on DJI Remote Controller using the same double click and hold method.

            Once the Remote Controller (RC) status LED indicates green (Connected to Drone), plug the micro USB cable into the controller and device. 
            Note: When connecting device to controller, a dialog box will appear prompting you to select an app to use. Be sure to select "Just Once" for the options in case you need to use the DJI Go app.

            Once the app has connected to the controller, it will detect a connected drone and prompt you to set up a new drone profile. Give the new profile a name and click "CONTINUE" to save.
            Note: If drone is not detected; unplug USB, power cycle drone/RC, and reopen app until dialog box appears.

            Updated: 04 May 2018 06:19 AM
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