Drone Connections

            In order to tell Botlink what drone to control you'll need to setup a Drone Profile. Either select the specific profile to fly with if you've already created one or tap the Add button and select New Drone to create a new profile. Choose the drone that you will be flying and follow the prompts on the next few screens. Once complete, most of the information will be automatically taken from the drone itself.

            If you have your transmitter and drone powered on and your device plugged into the transmitter then Botlink can suggest setting up a connection. Tap set up and all you'll need to do is give that connection a nickname since they are unique to each individual model. 

            Ex. If you have three Phantom 4 Pros, you'll want to name them differently since you won't be able to use a single established connection for the other two.

            Once you've connected to your drone the first time you can reconnect by tapping on Drones in the side menu. Start your connection process from one of the profiles by tapping the Connect button or by tapping on the drone's picture and pressing the orange connection button. Once connected you can view details about that specific connection;

            • Profile Name
            • Camera Type and Connection Status
            • Storage Capacity
            • Version Number
            • Manufacturer
            • Model

            The ellipsis on the top-right of the screen will allow you to rename or delete that particular drone profile.

            Updated: 17 Apr 2018 02:00 AM
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