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            Flight Planning

            Every mission is flown using what is called a Flight Plan. These Flight Plans are used to plan your flight and save that flight plan for future use. Flight Plans are also shown on your web account. So when you upload your imagery we will automatically be associated with the matching Flight Plan.

            To create a new Flight Plan simply tap the Add button and select New Site. The next screen will ask you to select where to place the bounds of your flight. If you and your device are where you want your flight to be, simply tap the cross-hair icon to zoom to your location. Additionally, you can search for a location by an address or latitude and longitude. Once you've found the correct location to start your mission planning tap Place to start editing the bounds.

            Your survey will be placed as a simple square. To edit the survey;

            • Press and drag the white circles to change the area covered by the survey.
            • Pressing and dragging the orange circles will create a new vertex. Once created they turn into a white circle which behave as such.
            • The trash can icon will erase the current survey and let you replace your original square.

            At any time during the creating of your Flight Plan, you can tap its name to rename it. Once you are satisfied with the bounds tap Confirm to save it.

            Updated: 17 Apr 2018 01:59 AM
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