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            Always ensure your aircraft, controller, and mobile device batteries are fully charged before every flight.

            Note: High winds, extreme temperatures, humidity levels, higher elevation, and other factors can decrease advertised flight time.

            Charging Intelligent Flight Batteries and Remote Controller

            Use the DJI Charger to charge both the Flight Batteries and the Remote Controller. The LEDs will flash during charging process and will turn off once charging is complete.

            Please refer to DJI Manual for questions regarding charging process. For more information on safe LiPo Battery practices, please refer to Battery Safety.

            Upgrade Software

            Note: Always be sure to upgrade Aircraft, Remote Controller, and Botlink Capture to the latest software before going out to fly.

            To upgrade DJI Inspire 1, DJI Phantom 4, or DJI Phantom 3 Professional, please visit How to Upgrade DJI Aircraft and follow the steps.

            To upgrade DJI Remote Controller, please visit How to Upgrade DJI Remote Controller.

            To update the Botlink Capture app, visit the Google Play Store and check for available updates. To check current version go to App Settings and select About.


            In order to take off the first time, you must activate your aircraft to your DJI account. To activate your aircraft, follow these steps.

            1. Upgrade Controller and Aircraft to most recent firmware.
            2. Power on DJI drone and Remote Controller
            3. Connect phone or tablet to controller and open DJI Go with active internet connection.
            4. Activation Process should appear on screen.
            5. Follow steps to add aircraft to your existing DJI account or add to a new account.

            Create Botlink Account

            If you haven't registered already, go to and select Sign Up.

            Complete steps and check email for confirmation link to finish creating your account.

            Mobile App

            Download Botlink Capture from Google Play Store. Log in using your Botlink credentials.

            Create Drone Profile

            Tap the Add button located at bottom of screen. Tap New Drone and select your aircraft type.

            Power on DJI controller and plug into mobile device.

            Power on drone.

            Name your new Drone Profile and tap next. Tap continue to complete adding Drone Profile.

            Create Sites

            Tap Add button located at bottom of screen. Select New Site to enter site planning view.

            Place survey box over desired area. Use Search tool to jump to location. Tap Place to begin editing and change survey shape using anchor points. Use the delete button to reset survey. Once survey is set to desired area, tap the green check button to save.

            Updated: 17 Apr 2018 01:58 AM
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