Updating from v2.x.x to v3.0.1

            To verify what version your XRD is running you can follow these steps to check;
            1. Power on your XRD with a micro SD card inserted
            2. Power down your XRD and remove the micro SD card
            3. View the contents of your micro SD card on a computer
            4. Open the file named XRD_OS_VERSION using Notepad

            Once you've verified that you have an XRD that is running at least v2.x.x you can follow these steps to upgrade.

            Current Update

            Major Changes

            • Enhanced camera triggering
            • New sensor support - Sensor Single
            • Connection stability improvements
            • EXIF Tagging
            • New LED pattern

            Steps to Update

            1.Ensure that the UAV has fully charged batteries before starting the update process. This update should take 5 - 10 minutes.

            2. Download the latest XRD .tar file to your computer. Leave it compressed.

            3. Insert the XRD's microSD card into your computer

            • Your microSD card should be FAT32 formatted. Most should be defaulted to this.
            • The optimum microSD card Botlink suggests is the SanDisk Ultra PLUS UHS-1, no larger than 32GB

            4. Remove all images/files from the XRD's microSD card.

            5. Move the .tar file to the XRD's microSD card and safely eject from your computer.

            6. Insert card into XRD and power on UAV.

            7. Once the update begins installing, the LED will stay either ON or OFF.

            8. After installation is complete the LED will begin blinking in sequence. Each of these blinks means there is an issue with;

            • One Blink - Connection to Autopilot
            • Two Blinks - Connection to Sensor
            • Three Blinks - Connection to Botlink App
            • Four Blinks - Connection to Cellular Network

            If everything is connected the LED will be solid on.

            NOTE: After a successful upgrade you'll need to re-add your sensor. In the Android App tap the orange Plus button and select Camera. Follow the prompts to add your sensor. Verify that the connection was successful in Mission Control by seeing Connected under the Camera tab.

            Updated: 17 Apr 2018 02:19 AM
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