XRD Overview

            Need a way to fly further than you thought possible? How about a way to see your pictures taken from your drone in real time? We have a solution for you. Introducing the XRD (eXtended Range and Data). This device allows a pilot to use 4G cellular service instead of the typical 915/433 MHz radio connection to communicate with their drone. This allows Botlink to send commands to your autopilot controlled drone from anywhere that has cellular service! On top of that the pilot can also integrate a camera with the XRD and be able to process the photos as the drone is taking them.

            Beyond line-of-sight communication, photos, and camera controls are all computed through the cloud and sent to your mobile device in real time using cellular telemetry technology. By eliminating the time it takes to process your data the XRD will empower you with the ability to Fly Smarter.

            This device has multiple inputs and outputs.

            • Micro USB connectors to talk to your autopilot and other on-board accessories
            • A Micro SD slot allows for more external memory for storing pictures, extra storage for the processor, etc
            • Power Connector

            XRD Specifications

            • Weight - 43g
            • Height - 21.11mm
            • Width - 64.65mm
            • Depth - 51.23mm

            If you are interested in purchasing an XRD let us know. Submit a ticket with your information and we will get you up in the air!

            Updated: 17 Apr 2018 02:16 AM
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