Meibox FAQ's

Meibox FAQ's

Update 06/13/2019


Q: How does the Meibox attach to the slit lamp?
The Meibox has a pin that attaches to the base of the slit lamp where the optics and light tower pivot (in the hole where the old Hruby Lens or focusing bar would attach).

Q: Is the Meibox compatible with any slit lamp?
The Meibox has been tested with over 35 different slit lamp models; all Haag-Streit style and Zeiss style slit lamps have been compatible. The Meibox can be installed with one hand since it is dropped directly into the pivot hole.  It can just as easily be removed and is attached to your computer via a USB cord.

Q: Does the Meibox need to be removed during the slit lamp examination?
Most Meibox users do not keep the device attached during a comprehensive slit lamp exam.   Some do and find it can be pushed aside during a slit lamp examination; the exception remains for Haag Streit style slit lamps with Goldmann tonometry.  We currently supply a desk top stand for you to store the Meibox on your exam desk.

Q: Do you have a centralized option to act as a screening device?
Yes, we do sell a separate slit lamp type base that can be used with all portable Meibox.  In doing, you have the ability to use the device in a central testing room or in your exam room.

Q: How many units do you recommend for an office?
Typically, we would recommend one unit per 3 exam rooms or one unit per doctor treating dry eyes.  For larger offices, the centralized option would also be viable.  Ask us for the bulk discount options.

Q: Can a technician be trained to use the Meibox?
Many of the Meibox practices have technicians use the Meibox.  Due to its size and portability, technicians are encouraged to bring the testing to the patients, instead of patients to the testing location.  This reduces chair time and choke points in your office patient flow.

Q: Is a computer provided with the Meibox unit?
A computer does not come standard with a Meibox unit.  The Meibox unit is designed to be compatible with most computer technology.  See specifications page for details for optimum PC requirements.

Q: Does the Meibox work with a Mac?
Meibox can work with a Mac if you partition the hard drive to run Windows; the Meibox cannot operate on a Mac Operating System.  If unsure, please feel free to give us a call.