Box Medical

            Computer Minimimum Specifications

            Minimum Computer Requirements for Meibox 2.0 Software:

            Processor - dual core @ 2.4 Ghz (5th generation i5 or i7 Intel processor or equivalent AMD - purchased after 2014)
            Ram - 4GB
            Hard Drive - 10 GB free space
            Internet Speed:  10MB Download/5MB Upload Minimum
            Windows 10 Professional 64 bit or Windows 10 Home
            USB 3.0 
            CPU Benchmark 4400 or above

            Frequently asked questions: 
            Are all Intel i5's and i7's created equal?  
            Intel processors are continuously being improved with each generation and the efficiencies in which data is being processed is optimized with each generation.  Even though a computer may be an Intel processor, it is important to note that the newer generations will have much greater performances.  

            Visit  to see if your computer meets the minimum requirements.

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