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            Missing Patient Images

            Update: 09/16/2019
            If you are noticing that there may be missing images during the transfer process from the Meibox 1.0 Software to the Meibox 2.0 software, please notify us immediately.  There are a few reasons why this may occur: 

            1)  Data was not initially saved or captured during the initial capture process.  i.e. software timed out during the appointment and was not stored
            2) Data was not transferred over during the mass migration

            To determine if the issue was a migration issue, we will grant temporary access to the Meibox 1.0 Software.  This should be installed on a separate computer and the patient images in question should be logged.  Please notify us if there is a discrepancy.  If the images are missing on the Meibox 1.0 software, it is likely that the image was not stored in the first place during the capture process.   Please access the software via the following link and notify us at your username for the Meibox 1.0 software and the patients in question.  We will unsuspend the 1.0 software to allow you to assess the images that are missing.  

            Updated: 16 Sep 2019 02:00 AM
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