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            Software Upgrade Newsletter

            Dear Doctor,

            We are excited to announce the launch of the Meibox Software Version 2.0 is now live.  Please read through this important email for installation instructions.  Successful installation of the Meibox 2.0 software requires proper protocol.  

            The existing Meibox software will be disabled after June 30th, 2019

            Installation Instructions:

            Please follow all instructions to minimize problems with installation.  

            All computers required to run the Meibox software must upgrade to Windows 10 and Meibox Software Version 2.0.  See minimum computer specifications before installing:  

            Ensure that you completely uninstall the Meibox 1.0 Software prior to installing the 2.0 Software:

            Install Meibox 2.0 Software:

            Reset Password:
            (If your email is not an account that you can still have access to, please notify us immediately at prior to uninstalling your 1.0 software.  Provide us the current Username and the new Username email that you would like to us.)

            Visit our website at  to access the software installation link for Meibox 2.0.

            Any troubleshoot problems please visit this following for frequently asked questions:


            If you are not able to install the software and need assistance submit a ticket:

            Please note that data has been ported over as of May 30th, 2019.  Additional images taken between May 31st to June 30th on Meibox 1.0 Software will be ported over to 2.0 Software on July 2nd, 2019

            Installation of the 2.0 Software should occur on all computers in the clinic to minimize confusion of data.  Please check to make sure that all data is transferred properly from Meibox 1.0 Software to 2.0 by performing an audit of charts.

            Version 2.0 enhancements:
            Improved performance with Windows 10
            Improved User Interface
            Added Measuring Tools
            Improved image enhancement tools
            Ability to document MMP-9 and Osmolarity scores
            Background image uploads
            Organized image folders
            MX2 Compatibility
            Dry Eye Patient Resources

            Updated: 30 Jun 2019 03:42 PM
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