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            Unable to log into account after installation

            Update 06/17/2019:

            Unable to log into software:

            • If you are unable to log into the software please try the following steps:  
              1. New account creation
                • If unable to log in after a new account creation, the most common reason is that the account has not been confirmed by logging into the email used for the account creation and clicking on the confirmation email. Please log into your email associated with the Meibox account and click confirm and try again
              2. Have account that was functioning, but no longer is able to log in:
                • Likely cause of this problem is due to a poor internet connection.  If the software is unable to load and internet needs to be confirmed, please go to the website:  to see if your internet speed is sufficient.  Please see Computer Specifications for adequate minimum requirements for computer and internet speed.
              3. Have an old Meibox 1.0 Software Account and unable to log in after installing Meibox 2.0 Software
                • If installing Meibox 2.0 software you will need to uninstall the Meibox 1.0 software from computer prior.  If you are not uninstalling Meibox 1.0 software, you will run into the inability to open the application.  Uninstall all programs, reinstall and restart computer.   After rebooting, request a forgotten password from the log in screen and confirm account by logging into your email account associated with the Meibox software.
              4. Password reset
                1. Request a password from the log in screen and you will receive an email confirmation to reset password.  Log into your email to reset the password prior to logging in.  This is necessary if you have a prior account on Meibox 1.0.  

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