Unofficial Smoke FAQ

            Can I upsmoke with less than 100%?

            Yes, you can.


            On members who achieved 50,000SMOKE POWER unlock the slider. The slider allows you to define at what percentage you upsmoke posts.

            Alternative Ways

            If you are technically inclined, you could always use the CLI_wallet and upsmoke directly from the wallet. When using CLI_wallet, or any similar tool, you can define the percentage at which you upsmoke.

            Open Source FTW!
            The Smoke blockchain is an open source, decentralized platform. Anybody can develop tools and even new dApps to interact directly with the blockchain. Those who want could consider developing an alternative app to and make the slider available to anyone without any SMOKE POWER requirements.

            Why is the slider at 50,000SMOKE POWER?

            Updated: 22 Feb 2019 01:01 PM
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