Unofficial Smoke FAQ

            How do I block somebody on Smoke?

            Because the Smoke blockchain is an open and transparent ledger, which can be accessed by any dApps built on it, you can not block somebody on That would not prevent them from being able to keep up with your updates as they could access them directly on the blockchain.

            You can easily mute somebody on though. When you’ve muted somebody you won’t see any updates from them anymore. Not in your feed, not in the trending feed, and not in comment threads either.

            To mute somebody, click the mute button near their profile image below their posts. You can also mute people directly in comment threads by clicking the arrow at the right of their profile image. Lastly, you can mute Smoke members directly on their profile account.

            You can find a list of all members you’ve muted in the settings section of your profile.
            Updated: 23 Feb 2019 10:42 PM
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