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            How do I create an account?

            Everyone who is interested to join the Smoke blockchain can create an account on There are multiple links to sign up on almost any page on

            To create an account you will need a mobile number and an email address.

            Signing up is easy but involves several steps.

            In the first step you choose your account name. Know that your account name can NOT be changed so make sure you are happy with the name you chose. Also doublecheck to make sure there’s no typo in your chosen name.

            Next you will need to enter your mobile number. This is to avoid that people can create many, many hundreds alt accounts. After you’ve entered your phone number you should receive a message with a confirmation code within a minute. Enter this code in the next field and confirm.

            Next enter your email address. As soon as your account has been approved you will receive an email with your account password.

            Store this password somewhere safe as the smoke blockchain can not recover your password. The smoke blockchain does not know your password and can not change it. Only you have your keys.

            PS: Sometimes it can take few hours to approve an account, other times there can be a delay of some days.

            Updated: 19 Feb 2019 11:26 AM
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