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            How do I grow on Smoke

            Smoke members can grow their stake in multiple ways.

            1. Creating Content

            If you contribute content to the Smoke blockchain, members can upvote — upsmoke in Smoke talk — your content. We call the upsmokers curators. Curators reward your contributions in SMOKE, the higher the stake of a curator the higher the reward. After 7 days posts are paid out and the rewards are split 50/50 between the creator and the pool of curators.


            Commenting on posts on the Smoke blockchain also can be rewarded. Curators can upsmoke your comments in the same way as they do posts. Leave valuable comments, add insights or knowledge with your comments and you stand a good chance to receive rewards on those. Comment rewards have the same 50/50 split as posts and are paid out after 7 days too.

            It has happened that comments were rewarded more than the actual posts.

            Avoid leaving generic “Great post”, “Thanks for sharing”, “Awesome, follow me back” comments. They don’t add value and may even result in being flagged if persistentlydone.

            3. Curation

            Stakeholders can reward contributions by curating them. After 7 days, when a post or comment is paid out, the rewards are split 50/50 between the creator and the pool of curators. Curators receive a share of the whole curation rewards based on their stake and on when they upsmoked.

            4. Buy SMOKE

            Another way to grow on SMOKE is by purchasing SMOKE from exchanges and transfer it to your account. Currently SMOKE is listed on Rudex, Escodex and OpenLedger.

            Check out this post to learn how to buy SMOKE on Rudex.

            Rewards received from creating content, commenting, and curating are paid out in staked SMOKE POWER. You can claim your rewards in your wallet.
            Updated: 22 Feb 2019 12:40 PM
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